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SOAtest’s Test Event Monitoring allows you to aggregate event details from tests running in SOAtest as well as from remote systems under test.  

When you are debugging tests and want detailed insight into a complex test scenario, you can use Event Details to dissect and analyze your test results from a different perspective than the task failure view provides. The Event Details view shows a detailed chronological sequence of all the events that occurred between the start and end of the test (for instance, all requests sent, responses received, data source rows used, wait times, navigation tasks, and so on). Events are grouped logically to help you understand how the test flows.

In addition to the test information reported from SOAtest test cases, Event Details can also show details collected by the Event Monitor tool (which allows you to connect to remote systems to monitor the events taking place in those systems as the tests run). These events are consolidated with the rest of the test event details—providing a single consolidated view of all end-to-end transaction events throughout the system under test. 

Event Details is especially helpful when you want to pinpoint the root cause of problem that occurred in a complex test scenario—for example, a scenario with many tests, multiple data sources, changing data, and so forth. 

This test event monitoring reports the same types of events as the Event Monitor tool described in Event Monitoring - ESBs, Java Apps, Databases, and other Systems. However, whereas the other Event Monitor tool is added in the context of a specific test scenario, this test event monitoring can be used on the fly whenever you want to gain insight into additional test execution details.

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