This topic introduces Parasoft’s Extension Framework for extending Parasoft’s built-in transports, message formats, and tools.

Parasoft’s Extension Framework lets you extend the product to cover any transports, message formats, and tools that are beyond the scope of Parasoft’s built-in support. For example, you might want to extend the supported transports to include messaging based on proprietary APIs. You can then take advantage of Parasoft’s rich interface for configuring, validating, and monitoring all the types of messages and transports that are involved in your testing. 

More specifically, the Extension Framework allows you to extend:

  • The transports over which SOAP Client, EDI Client, and Messaging Client tools can send test messages.

  • The message formats that can be consumed by Parasoft’s tools for performing sophisticated construction or validation/processing of request/response messages (form-based message configuration, parameterization interface, data bank tools, validation tools, etc.).
  • The tools available to apply throughout suites and chain as outputs.

You can develop your own extensions as well as use the ones available on Parasoft Marketplace . 

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