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Create and run a Selenic run configuration to analyze your Selenium test execution. Selenic analyzes previous test runs and uses passing locators to generate recommendations. The test must be successfully executed with Selenic at least once for Selenic to generate recommendations.  

  1. Create a Selenic run configuration as described in Selenic Run Configurations
  2. Click Run with Selenic to execute your tests with Selenic. 

Selenic will automatically load recommendations into the Selenic Recommendations view. See Viewing Results for information on using the recommendations view. By default, only failed locators will trigger recommendations, but you can enable the All locators option to configure Selenic to generate recommendations for passed and failed locators. See Selenic Run Configurations for details. 

If you enabled the Open HTML report after execution option in your Selenic run configuration, the report will open in the IDE. See Viewing Results for details.  

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