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RuleWizard ships with standalone test execution and code analysis tools, such as SOAtest and C/C++test Professional, but it is also available as a standalone application from the Parasoft customer portal.


  • RuleWizard support the same systems as the Parasoft tools they are packaged with. For example, the RuleWizard distribution packaged with SOAtest for macOS will run on macOS.
  • The standalone RuleWizard application is only supported on Windows and Linux. 

RuleWizard Packaged with Parasoft Tools

If you are using the instance shipped with your Parasoft product, you can launch RuleWizard from the Parasoft menu.  

Adding a License

A license with the RuleWizard feature enabled is required. Refer to the documentation for your Parasoft tool for instructions on how to add a license. If the RuleWizard feature is not enabled, contact your Parasoft representative for information on how to add RuleWizard to your license.

Standalone RuleWizard Application

  1. Extract the contents of the ParasoftRuleWizard-<version>.zip archive.
  2. Run the .sh or .bat script to launch RuleWizard.

On some instances of Linux, you may need to set the temporary directory variable. Open the .sh script and specify the variable, e.g.:

Adding a License

When you launch RuleWizard for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a license. You can add a local or network license to the standalone version.

Local License

Enable the Use node-locked license option and enter the license password you received from Parasoft.

Network License

Enable the Use license server option and specify from where RuleWizard should request a license. Parasoft tools can request licenses from either a standalone instance of License Server or the License Server integrated with DTP.

  • Specify the location of the License Server or DTP in the Host field.
  • Specify the port number in the Port field (default is 2002).

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