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Unit Test Assistant (UTA) is a unit testing solution that facilitates creating, assessing and enhancing unit tests for individual methods. It allows you to reduce the time and the learning curve required to create and maintain tests, as well as identify and fix testability problems before you check code into the Continuous Integration workflow.

UTA can guide you through the entire process of creating and assessing unit tests. By analyzing code, it helps you create valuable tests from scratch, as well as modify the existing tests to ensure their quality and compliance with unit testing standards. With UTA's recommendations and hints, you can develop your expertise in creating, extending and customizing high-coverage unit tests.

Unit Test Assistant allows you to:

  • Create a compilable unit test
  • Parameterize the test
  • Create multiple tests for classes, as well as items selected in the Package Explorer
  • Create Spring test cases
  • Create assertion templates
  • Create mocks to isolate the test from its dependencies 
  • Monitor a test during test execution and report recommendations for enhancing that test
  • Track object changes before and after a method execution to create appropriate assertions
  • Collect coverage information

UTA can be customized to your needs and preferences. You can specify the types of recommendations UTA will display, as well as choose frameworks that best suit your needs and testing habits. The range of available frameworks will be expanded with each following release to ensure maximum flexibility. See Enabling and Configuring Unit Test Assistant for information on how to enable and customize your Unit Test Assistant.

Jtest ships with sample Java projects that can help you become familiar with the Unit Test Assistant capabilities; see Importing the Jtest Example Projects.

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