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The following interfaces contain UTA action links that perform a range of functions, including creating and running tests, updating code, and navigating resources:

In addition, actions and quick-fixes associated with factory methods and particular recommendations are displayed in the Factory Methods and Recommendations views (see Configuring Factory Methods and Working with Recommendations for details).

Unit Test Assistant View

The Unit Test Assistant view is the primary interface for creating, running, and interacting with your tests. It is context-sensitive and displays all actions that are available for the current selection in the editor.

Examples of UTA actions displayed in the Unit Test Assistant view

Actions that create tests:

Actions that run tests:

Actions that update the tests code:

Actions that navigate between the test and the source:

  • Source class - navigates to the source class.
  • Test class - navigates to the test class.

Context Menu

The actions that are displayed in the Unit Test Assistant view are also available in the context menu. The context menu may also include an additional option for change-based testing (see Test Impact Analysis).

Right-click a class or method in the editor and choose Unit Testing to view the available actions.

(info) To display options available for entire packages and projects, right-click a selected package or project in the Package Explorer or Project Explorer.

Quick Fix Dialog

You can select the options that help you run tests and modify your code in the context assist dialog, which opens with a keyboard shortcut.

Press Ctrl + 1 (in Eclipse) or Alt + Enter (in IntelliJ) to see the options available for the code at the current cursor position:

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