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The Unit Test Assistant view is a dynamic interface that allows you to create, run, monitor, and enhance unit tests. It can detect tests that have been created for the class or method selected in the editor and display actions available for this particular class  or method.

  1. Choose Parasoft> Show View> Unit Test Assistant to enable the Unit Test Assistant interface.

  2. Open a source file in the editor and click a class or method to display available actions and the number of tests that have been created for it.

  3. Switch between the test and the source class with the  and   buttons.

The Unit Test Assistant view is context-sensitive and displays actions that are available for the current selection in the editor. You can perform an action by clicking on its label or icon. 

For example, the following action links may be available:

You can enable or disable showing action labels by selecting or deselecting the Show action labels option in the UTA interface menu. If disabled, the Unit Test Assistant view only displays action icons:

The actions that the Unit Test Assistant view displays for a selection in the editor are also available in the context menu. Right-click a class or method in the editor and choose Unit Testing to view the available actions.

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