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This user guide contains information on how to use Jtest - an integrated development testing solution designed to help you improve software quality. The guide consist of two core parts:

  • Automation User Guide - This guide describes how to use the Jtest command line interface, which enables you to automate code analysis and test execution within your build environment. It covers configuration options for executing the tool, as well as how to integrate it with supported build systems.

  • Desktop User Guide - Jtest integrates with popular IDEs, providing a desktop interface ideal for analyzing and testing code as it's being written. This guide describes how to integrate the tool into the supported IDEs and how to use the features and functionality available in the desktop.

    You can use Jtest within Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans IDEs. Except for the installation section, the screenshots in this manual are examples for Eclipse.

Conventions Used in this Guide

The following conventions have been used in this guide:

  • [INSTALL_DIR] - Refers to the product installation directory. The default name of this directory is jtest. The path to your installation directory may resemble the following: C:\parasoft\jtest

  • tool - Refers to the Parasoft tool you are using: Jtest, C/C++test, or dotTEST.

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