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This release includes new features, as well as enhancements to the existing functionality.

In this release:

Unit Test Assistant Enhancements

This release includes new features and enhancements to Unit Test Assistant.

  • Support for creating Spring unit tests
    UTA dramatically reduces the complexity for creating JUnit tests for Spring WebMVC controllers that provide HTTPend points. UTA monitors the execution of the Spring JUnit tests and provides valuable insight into runtime behavior of the code under test.
  • Extended support for creating Parameterized tests
    Support for JUnitParams has been enhanced to customize parameterization settings and support the storage of generated test cases in the test code or in an external CSV file. Additionally, you can configure the maximum number of data mutated parameter sets that are created for one test case.
  • Enhancement to the Add test case(s) option
    The Add test case(s) option has been extended and added to the Eclipse context menu, which allows you to select one or more files and packages to create a large number of test cases.

For details, see Creating, Analyzing and Enhancing Tests with Unit Test Assistant.

Suppress Findings Locally on Your Desktop

When you suppress findings in your IDE, the suppression information can now be stored locally on your desktop - without impacting suppressions that are shared across the team via DTP or your source control system. Locally suppressed findings can be reviewed and unsuppressed right in your IDE. For details, see Suppressing Findings.

Static Analysis Customization with Rule Maps

Enhanced rule mapping facilitates quick and flexible implementation of your organization's development policy. You can create rule maps to change the properties of static analysis rules executed by Jtest, such as severity and category, and associate them with test configurations stored in Development Testing Platform.

Other Updates and Enhancements

  • Licensing: Calculation of the license machine-ID has been updated to support deployment within AWS and Azure cloud environments.
  • Added support for calculating authorship based on Javadoc comments.
  • Improved support for autoboxing and unboxing in Flow Analysis.
  • Fixed the excludes parameters in the Ant plugin.
  • Updated the resources path in all types of reports.

Updated Configurations

The follwing configurations have been updated to include new rules or improve the accuracy of results reported by Static Analysis and Flow Analysis:

  • Recommended Rules
  • Flow Analysis Fast
  • Flow Analysis Standard
  • Flow Analysis Aggressive
  • CERT for Java
  • Critical Rules
  • CWE-SANS Top 25 2009
  • DISA-STIG for Java
  • Find Memory Problems

New Code Analysis Rules

Rule IDDescription
BD.PB.REVOBJRestore prior object state on method failure
BD.SECURITY.SIGCLASSDo not rely on the default automatic signature verification provided by URLClassLoader and java.util.jar

Resolved FRs and PRs

FR/PR IDDescription
JT-47889Global analysis run from IDE differs when test folder is included
JT-48248Custom rule violation not flagged in DTP Engine for Java but flagged in 9.6 version
JT-48585Wrong coverage on switch statement
JT-49540Lack of support for org.apache.maven.repository.DelegatingLocalArtifactRepository
JT-49898Mistakes in documentation regarding coverage and Gradle
JT-22028Running ANT only runs latest listened build
JT-63495Feature Request Add setting
JT-68547Request to keep Findbugs integration up-to-date


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