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This problem occurs when an attempt is made to dereference a pointer that points to a block of memory that has been freed.

WRITE_DANGLINGWriting to a dangling pointer(tick)RuntimeWindows/Unix


The following code attempts to use a piece of dynamically allocated memory after it has already been freed.

 * File: writdngl.c
#include <stdlib.h>

	char *a = (char *)malloc(10);

	*a = 'x';
	return (0);

Diagnosis at Runtime

[writdngl.c:11] **WRITE_DANGLING**
>>		 *a = 'x';
Writing to a dangling pointer: a
In block:0x000173e8 thru 0x000173f1 (10 bytes)
		block allocated at:
			malloc() (interface)
			main() writdngl.c, 8
Stack trace where memory was freed:
			main() writdngl.c, 10
Stack trace where the error occurred:
			main() writdngl.c, 11
	**Memory corrupted. Program may crash!!**
  • Line 2: Source line at which the problem was detected.
  • Line 3: Description of the problem and the expression that is in error.
  • Line 4: Value of the dangling pointer variable.
  • Line 5: Description of the block to which this pointer used to point, including its size, name, and the line at which it was allocated.
  • Line 9: Indication of the line at which this block was freed.
  • Line 11: Stack trace showing the function call sequence leading to the error.


Check that the de-allocation that occurs at the indicated location should indeed have taken place. Also check that the pointer you are using should really be pointing to a block allocated at the indicated place.

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