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Insure++ psrc options are divided into compile time and runtime classes. Modifying one of the compile time options requires that files be recompiled before it can take effect. The runtime options merely require that the program be executed again. Some options have default values, which are printed in the following section in boldface.

Some options, such as error_format (Windows) or insure++.error_format (Unix), can be used at both compile time and run time. If you do not specify when the option should be applied, Insure++ will apply it at both compile time and runtime.

To specify when an option should be applied, add either compile or runtime between the tool name and the option name. For instance, if you want different error format messages used at runtime and compile time, you might use the following options:


compile.error_format "\"%f\", line %l: %c"
runtime.error_format "%f, line %l\n\t%c"


insure++.compile.error_format "\"%f\", line %l: %c"
insure++.runtime.error_format "%f, line %l\n\t%c"
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