Test configurations are files that define how a connected instances of Jtest, C++test, and dotTEST should analyze code and execute tests. Each tool ships with its own set of test configurations that you can upload to DTP, modify, and distribute to other instances of the tool. This centralized approach ensures that your code analysis and test execution policy is being followed. Refer to the Jtest, C++test, and dotTeST documentation for additional information about test configurations.

Choose Test Configurations from the settings menu icon.

You can perform the following actions:

About Test Configuration Access 

You can configure test configuration visibility and read-write permissions to ensure that teams are using the appropriate test configuration according to development policy. Test configurations can have the following types of visibility:

  • Private: The test configuration is only visible to users that added the test configuration.
  • Project: The test configuration is assigned to one or more projects. Only users assigned to the project or projects can view the test configuration
  • Global: Any user assigned to any project can view the test configuration. 

Test configurations are marked with icons with an access type in the test configurations page sidebar:

For instructions on how to assign test configurations, see Editing Test Configurations.

User role also determines the depth of interaction users can have with test configurations. Leaders of any project(s) can add new test configurations and assign them to their projects. Refer to User Administration for information about user roles. Leaders can also modify or delete them (see Managing Test Configurations).

The following table describes the read-write permissions associated with user roles:



(only visible to owner)


(only visible to project members)


(visible to all users)

Team MemberRead-writeRead-onlyRead-only
Team LeaderRead-writeRead-writeRead-write

Users that are not project leaders of an assigned project will view the test configuration in read-only mode.

  • Editable fields are grayed-out and static analysis rules and other configurations cannot be modified.
  • Users that are leaders of any project or who have administrator level access can view and edit test configurations.
  • Ordinary members can also download the test configuration as .properties file.
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