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You can start and stop DTP Enterprise Pack from the Windows Start menu. Right-click the Start Enterprise Pack application and choose Run as administrator.

You can also use the Windows services interface to start and stop DTP Enterprise Pack.


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the <DTP_INSTALL>/dtpservices directory.
  2. Run the script with the start argument:

    ./ start 

You can also stop and start DTP Enterprise Pack applications from the DTP console. See Starting DTP Services on Linux

The start argument starts Extension Designer and the database.

To stop DTP Enterprise Pack applications, run the script with the stop argument:

dtpservices.bat stop

The following table lists all available commands:

CommandOutput startStarts all servers and the database. Also see Configuring Log Rotation for the Database. stopStops all servers and the database. install-addon

Installs deployed slices into DTP. This command is only available if DTP and Extension Designer are installed as the same user on the same machine.

For Windows, the DTP_HOME environment variable is set if DTP is installed on the machine. For Linux, PST_HOME is set under $HOME/.pstrc_<hostname>. statusReports the status for DTP Enterprise Pack applications and services. If you are experiencing issues with Extension Designer or any of your flows, run this command to verify that components and services are running.

Potential Errors When Stopping on Linux

In some unexpected instances, you may see the following message when running the stop on Linux:    

"Time out on DTP Enterprise Pack process termination. Please kill all processes manually. (Refer to the documentation)"

This message only triggers if any of the children processes of the main DTP Enterprise Pack application (typically one of the service processes) started but was not killed completely. These processes must be terminated before starting DTP Enterprise Pack again. 

  1. Run following command:    
    pgrep node or pgrep -f <installation home>/nodejs/bin/node
    This command will print out all processes that DTP Enterprise Pack started.
  2. Run the kill command using the same argument to kill these process:
    pkill node 
    pkill -f <installation home>/nodejs/bin/node
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