Full Installation

A full DTP installation includes the following core components:

  • Report Center
  • DTP Enterprise Pack (Extension Designer)
  • License Server
  • Team Server
  • User Administration

Make sure that your environment meets the requirements discussed in Requirements. Allow 10 to 20 minutes to complete the full installation. 

Standard and Enterprise Editions

DTP is available in two editions: Enterprise, which includes advanced modules and DTP Enterprise Packand Standard, which includes basic dashboards and finding workflow. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information.

Full Installation with Embedded Database Server

A full DTP installation that also includes an embedded database server is also available. This edition is currently only available for Windows and Linux. This distribution requires an additional license. Contact your Parasoft representative for more information.

License Server-only Deployments

You can use DTP as a mechanism for providing licenses to your Parasoft infrastructure without enabling Report Center, Enterprise Pack, or other features in the Standard or Enterprise Editions. See Using License Server for usage related to License Server-only deployments. 

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