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Click the more... link in the Metrics Overview widget to open the Metrics Overview report (see Metrics Widgets). This report shows an overview of metric data for the filter and build selected in the widget.

Only the following metrics are shown in the report:

  • Number of Files
  • Number of Types
  • Blank Lines in Files
  • Comment Lines in Files
  • Physical Lines in Files
  • Source Lines n Files
  • Comments/Logical Lines in Files
  • McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Essential Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Modified Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Strict Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Coupling Between Objects
  • Inheritance Depth of Class
  • Number of Methods in Types
  • Private Members of Types
  • Protected Members of Types
  • Public Members in Types

You can perform the following actions in this report:

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