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The REST APIs in DTP provide access to defects, requirements, tasks, and iterations through URL paths. The REST APIs can be used by developers who want to integrate DTP with other applications. The REST API use JSON as the payload format. The REST APIs support HTTP POST (create/update), GET (retrieve), PUT (update), and DELETE.

DTP REST APIs are only available over SSL (HTTPS) and require Basic Authentication. If you upgraded from a version prior to 4.9.3, you need to manually enable the SSL port. See Enabling SSL for instructions. For Basic Authentication, the username/password required are the same username/password required to log into DTP.

  1. Choose API Documentation from the Help drop-down menu to access the API documentation from the GUI:

    Accessing the API from the Browser

    The API can also be accessed by entering https://host:port/grs/api into the browser address bar. Typically, the URL is https://host/grs/api if DTP is deployed on port 80. If DTP is deployed on another port, the https port is typically 8443.

  2. Click on a resource to access its parameters.

  3. Click More Information in a resource section to view its complete documentation.

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