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DTP provides out-of-the-box integration with Bugzilla and JIRA bug tracking systems, but you can use DTP's Java API to integrate with different bug tracking systems. You can also write your own custom requirements scanner by extending the requirement scanner Java API.

To access the Java API documentation, enter https://host:port/grs/java-api into the browser address bar. If DTP is deployed on port 80, then you can use the URL https://host/grs/java-api. DTP is commonly deployed on port 8443 if port 80 isn’t used. 

The Java API for DTP custom processors is available at The available build artifacts include both the compiled jar and the packaged javadoc jar file. These artifacts share the following properties:

  • groupId: com.parasoft.dtp
  • artifactId: com.parasoft.api.dtp.processors
  • version: 5.1.0
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