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Widgets, built-in dashboards, and other DTP assets may be deprecated or changed to meet the ever-evolving challenges of software development. Some deprecated assets and functionality may still be available to accommodate organizations that depend on them. This chapter describes how to deploy legacy assets that may still be available.  

Legacy Assets Removed in 5.4

Project Center is deprecated in DTP 5.4. As a result, all assets associated with Project Center, including the following widgets were removed from the legacy assets archive:

  • Iteration Burndown
  • Requirements Burndown
  • Tasks

Assets Deprecated in 5.3.3

The following assets are no longer available in DTP 5.3.3 by default:

Build widgets
  • Build Results
Code widgets
  • Check-ins (9.x) 
  • Code Base Size (9.x) 
  • Code Review (9.x)
Compliance widgets
  • MISRA C 2012 - Compliance
Defects widgets
  • Defect Trend 
  • Enhancement Trend 
  • New Defects By Week
Project Center widgets
  • Iteration Burndown
  • Requirements Burndown
  • Tasks
Static Analysis (9.x) widgets
  • Errors by Category 
  • Errors by Severity 
  • Most Recent Errors by Category 
  • Most Recent Errors by Severity 
  • Static Analysis - Files 
  • Static Analysis - Violations
Tests (9.x) widgets
  • Coverage
  • Coverage per Run (incl. 9.x) 
  • Coverage per Run Trend (incl. 9.x)
  • Functional Tests - Statistics
  • Functional Tests - Summary
  • Manual Test Sessions
  • Tests (Files)
  • Unit Tests
  • Unit Tests - Statistics
  • Unit Tests - Summary
Dashboard templates
  • Agile Dashboard
  • Architect Dashboard
  • MISRA 2012 Dashboard
  • Risk Dashboard
Compliance rule map
  • MISRA C 2012

Each asset is defined in one JSON or XML file. 

You can deploy the assets into your DTP installation directory by expanding the the archive into the root directory or you DTP installation. The archive is in the <DTP_INSTALL> directory.  

Deploying the Assets in Windows

Be sure to extract the legacy assets to the <DTP_INSTALL> root directory. By default, the application built into Windows attempts to create a <DTP_INSTALL>/legacy directory, which will result in an error.

Confirm that you want to run the extraction as an administrator if prompted.  

Restart DTP if using the legacy MISRA compliance artifacts

Restart DTP after deploying from if you want to use MISRA compliance category.

Deploying the Assets in Linux

  1. Open the Linux console and navigate to the <DTP_INSTALL> directory. 
  2. Run the following command:


The asset files will be extracted to the correct location.

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