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Policy Center integrates with DTP to enable a policy-driven approach that prevents defects and enables you determine if a release candidate has an acceptable level of risk by monitoring compliance with non-functional requirements. For example, you can create a policy to achieve a business goal, such as compliance with MISRA C:2012 guidelines, and automatically prioritize the application of quality activities to ensure that the code is written according to the standard. Policy Center ensures that development activities align with business priorities and automates so that technical and business leaders understand the level of risk associated with a release candidate. 

Parasoft Policy Center is available as part of the DTP Enterprise Pack. Contact your Parasoft representative for details. 

Refer to the Policy Center documentation for system requirements and installation instructions. Once install, you will need to edit the ExternalServicesConfig.xml configuration file located in the [DTP_INSTALL]/conf/ directory to connect Policy Center to DTP.

  1. Open the ExternalServicesConfig.xml configuration file in an editor
  2. Add the path to your Policy Center installation to the <policyCenter> element. For example: 

Relative links will use the DTP server as the domain. For example, <policyCenter>/policycenter</policyCenter> will point to

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