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Assigning Users to Permission Groups 

You can assign users to groups that contain a range of access. This option provides a convenient way to grant permissions to project groups. DTP ships with some built-in permission groups, but you may need to create permission groups suited to your organization; see Creating Permission Groups for instructions on how to create groups.

  1. Open a user’s profile page (see Basic User Management).
  2. Click Permissions & Groups tab.
  3. Click Search in the Add Group Name section to view all accessible groups.
  4. Click the add button (+) to add the user to a group. You can also click the remove button (x) in the Group Membership section to remove the user from a group. You cannot add a user to a group that is configured to be automatically synchronized. See Configuring LDAP for additional information about settings related to importing users and groups.
  5. Click Save.

Assigning Native Permissions

In addition to assigning users to permission groups, you can also grant access to DTP functionality to users on an individual basis. See User Administration Overview for information about built-in groups.

  1. Open a user's profile page and click the Permissions & Groups tab.
  2. Choose a functionality from the Tool drop-down list.
  3. Choose a permission setting from the Name drop-down list that describes the range of permissions to grant.
  4. Choose true or false from the Value drop-down box to grant or deny access to the tool.
  5. Click Add to finish the configuration. You can also click the remove button (x) to remove native permissions.
  6. Click Save to add native permissions.
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