You may need to start DTP services after a new installation, migration, or upgrade.

Starting DTP Services on Windows

You can easily use the Windows Start menu to start and stop DTP services:

  1. Click Start and right-click Parasoft> DTP> Start DTP Server.
  2. Choose Run as administrator from the contextual menu. If your DTP distribution includes an embedded database server, the menu will also include an option for starting and stopping the database server.
  3. Press any key to proceed when prompted.

  4. Repeat the process to start Data Collector service and Parasoft Database service if your DTP distribution includes an embedded database server.

You can also use Windows Services to start and stop DTP services, as well as change startup from automatic to manual. See the documentation for your version of Windows for details.

Starting DTP Services on Linux/Solaris

  1. Run the DTP Configuration Manager after the installation completes: 
    The DTP main menu is displayed:

    DTP - Configuration Manager
    Copyright (C) by Parasoft Corporation
    (1) DTP Server (Report Center, Team Server, License Server)
    (2) Data Collector
    (3) Enterprise Pack
    (4) Status
    (5) System administration
    (6) Show Machine ID
    (q) Exit to system
  2. Choose (1) to enter the DTP Server menu. 

  3. Choose (1) again to run the service and (q) to return to the menu.
  4. Choose (2) to enter the Data Collector menu.
  5. Choose (1) to run the Data Collector service and (q) to return to the menu
  6. Choose (3) to enter the Enterprise Pack menu.
  7. Choose (1) to start Extension Designer and Policy Center and choose (q) to return to the menu. You can only start and stop DTP Enterprise Pack through the DTP console interface. Additional administration commands for Enterprise Pack applications are available in the dedicated in the [DTP_INSTALL]/dtpservices/ directory. See Getting Started with DTP Enterprise Pack
  8. See Opening and Licensing DTP to begin using DTP.

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