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The following components make up Development Testing Platform:

DTP server

The URL is used to connect to the Tomcat report server running on port 80 (for Windows) and port 8080 (for Linux):

http://[hostname-of-server]:80 (for Windows)

http://[hostname-of-server]:8080 (for Linux)

MySQL database engine3306 (default)
Oracle database engine1521 (default)
Data Collector8082 (default) - See Legacy 9.x Functionality for information about the Data Collector port used with Parasoft 9.x products.
JMS Events Broker61617 (default)

Additional Components

  • Policy Center: An engine that leverages data stored in DTP to automatically monitor compliance with non-functional requirements and provide insight into the risk associated with the release candidate. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information.
  • Process Intelligence Engine (PIE): Performs a secondary analysis of the test, coverage, metrics, and other analysis data sent to DTP. PIE processes SDLC analytics against development policies and returns prioritized, actionable tasks. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information. 

About the DTP Structure

DTP and Data Collector connect to the database (MySQL or Oracle) as soon as they are launched. The database starts up first and shuts down last. No other applications should use the database engine directly.

Code analyzers and other tools that send data to DTP connect to Data Collector at port 32323 on the server. Users interface with the system and view the data by using a Web browser to connect to the Tomcat report server running on port 80 (Windows) or 8080 (Linux).

The URL for DTP is either http://[hostname-of-server]:80 for Windows or http://[hostname-of-server]:8080 for Linux. 

In rare instances, you may need to change the default port for either the DTP web server, Data Collector, or the JMS broker. See Reconfiguring DTP Ports (Optional) for more information:

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