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Parasoft Project Center delivers advanced task management that increases development teams' work quality and efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Helping managers plan and track project progress and analyze completed projects in order to continuously improve SDLC processes.
  • Providing developers with an exact plan of attack so that they firmly understand the project, tasks, and deadlines.
  • Providing QA teams with development progress and the implementation status of project artifacts (requirements, tasks, defects/enhancements) so they know what's ready for testing.

Enabling Access to Project Center

Access to Project Center through the UI is disabled by default, but you can enable it by modifying the PSTRootCOnfig.xml configuration file located in the <DTP_INSTALL>/conf/ directory.

  1. Open PSTRootCOnfig.xml and uncomment the <visible-apps> node. 
  2. Uncomment the child <project-center> node and set the value to true. To disable Project Center, you can set the value to false or comment the node back out.
  3. Save the file and restart DTP (see Stopping DTP Services and Starting DTP Services). 

Project Center is available with an enterprise license (see Upgrading DTP from Standard to Enterprise Edition). You can download the Project Center documentation below:

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