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Gate Summary

 This widget requires a DTP Enterprise license. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information.

This widget shows the summary of policy statuses for the selected project and Policy Center gate.

The widget uses data from the Policy Center server that is integrated with DTP; see Connecting to Policy Center.

You must have access to the Policy Center server for the widget to display data. See Enabling Single Sign-on for information on enabling Policy Center and DTP access simultaneously.

Policy Center is available in the DTP Enterprise Pack.


Mouse over a segment of the chart for pass/error details. Click on the widget to view the quality gate in the Policy Center. See the documentation shipped with Policy Center for additional information.

Custom Dashboard Properties

Use the following properties when adding this widget to a custom dashboard:

"name": "Gate Summary",
"type": "legacy",
"id": "policyStatusSummary"


TitleEnter a new title to replace the default title that appears on the dashboard.
ProjectChoose a project from the drop-down menu.
GateChoose a quality gate from the drop-down menu. Project does not have quality gates, then the widget will indicate that no data is available.
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