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  1. Log into DTP and choose Report Center from the Administration drop-down menu.
  2. Choose Projects> Filters and click on the Calculator filter.
  3. Verify that Calculator-All is selected in the Associated Coverage Image drop-down menu and that the both Run Configurations (one for the test results, and one for the coverage results) are present in the Analysis Settings section.
  4. Click Report Center in the top title bar to return to the Report Center page. 
  5. Select the Calculator Project Filter and open the Code Coverage Dashboard created (see Preparing DTP for Application Coverage). The Dashboard should show the test result information and the collected coverage.
  6. Click the Test Widget to open the Tests Explorer, which shows pass/fail information and other details associated with the tests that were run.
  7. Return to Report Center and click on the Coverage widget to open the Coverage Explorer view, which enables you to drill down into the coverage information. 
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