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The following table describes the components used in this tutorial. Use the specific version of the component listed to avoid potential problems and gain a basic understanding of the system. Installation locations are specified for simplicity, but be sure to adjust paths if alternate locations are used. We highly recommend using path names without spaces in most cases. All products are installed locally and localhost was used as the host and target machine. A Windows 10 machine is assumed in this tutorial.

ComponentVersionInstallation LocationAdditional Notes
Development Testing Platform (DTP)5.2.3 or laterC:\Parasoft\ParasoftTest\DTPConfigured for basic usage and licensed
DTP Engine for Java (Jtest DTP Engine)10.2.3 or laterC:\Parasoft\ParasoftTest\Enginejava\10.2.3_64Configured for basic usage and licensed
Parasoft CAMCurrentC:\Working\CAM\cam.war

Deployed to the Tomcat server (see CAM Requirements and Installation).

CAM currently requires a custom configured Tomcat server with environment setup for CAM and the tested applications.

Apache Tomcat8.0.xC:\Working\CAM\tomcatThis tutorial uses Tomcat 8.0.37. Tomcat 8.5 and later have not been fully tested as of the writing of this tutorial.
Java 8 SDK8C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101
Maven3.3.9C:\mavenAnd and Gradle build systems are also supported.
Cygwin cURLCygwin 64 4.9C:\Cygwin6449

Known Issues

CAM is not yet fully supported for Tomcat 8.5 and later. Tomcat 8.0.x is recommended.

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