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In this release:

Release date: November 8, 2022

Important Notes for Upgrades

Direct upgrades from 5.4.1 or older is not supported. See Upgrading from a Previous Version of DTP for an upgrade path for your version.

Database Updator 284

  • This update rebuilds two tables, FINDING and FINDING_SET_L1_FINDING. For databases with large amounts of static analysis data, this may take hours.

New License Requirements for Upgrades in Kubernetes Environments

Deployment in Kubernetes environments has been simplified. These changes affect the machineId. As a result, users upgrading DTP and/or License Server from 2022.1 to 2022.2 will need to acquire new licenses:

  • DTP users must acquire a new license for DTP and will need to acquire new network licenses for pre-existing tools.
  • License Server users will need to acquire new network licenses for pre-existing tools.


  • Performance improvements to Data Collector processing of Static Analysis reports.
  • Updated UI in License Server. See License Server for more information.
  • Updated Permissions UI in User Administration. See User Administration for more information.
  • Support for CERT for Java has been added. See CERT for Java Compliance for more information.
  • Support for CWE 4.9. See CWE Compliance for more information.
  • Support for sending test results to multiple Azure DevOps Domains. See Integrating with Azure DevOps for more information.
  • Support for suppressions/deviations review workflow. See "Violations - Summary Trend" on Static Analysis Widgets for more information.

Additional Updates

  • DTP now ships with Java 11.
  • DTP Docker image with Extension Designer available.
  • MySQL users: If binary logging is enabled in your MySQL, you must use the binary log format "ROW" or "MIXED." The binary log format "STATEMENT" will not work.
  • Support for TeamForge has ended.
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 has ended.
  • /customProcessors API endpoints will no longer accept usernames as part of the request parameters.

FRs and PRs

The following FRs and PRs were resolved in this release.

DEP-4400License Usage Widgets do not support OIDC mode
DTP-21704Suppression reason gets wrongly updated to "Multiple Values" in certain scenarios
DTP-21640Fix spelling in conf_update.log
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