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In this release:

Release date: April 19, 2021

Refer to the Upgrading section for details that may affect your upgrade path.

TÜV SÜD Certification

Parasoft DTP has been certified by TÜV SÜD to be qualified for safety-related software development. You can download the Parasoft DTP Functional Safety package from the Marketplace area of the customer portal.

Traceability with Jama Connect

DTP now integrates with Jama Connect, which enables traceability between artifacts stored in Jama and data stored in DTP. The integration enables you to create work items directly in Jama Connect from the DTP Violation and Test Explorer views, as well as automatically update Jama artifacts with test results collected by DTP. The integration includes widgets and reports that demonstrate the relationship between Jama artifacts and Parasoft Test and static analysis results. 

Optimizations for Machine Learning

You can now choose a mode for training the machine learning model. You can enable faster training by choosing a mode that uses a subset of the available violations and/or algorithms, or opt for the most effective machine learning model possible by choosing a mode that leverages all available violations and algorithms.

Enhanced Support for OIDC 

You can now specify OIDC scopes attributes and specify claims in the DTP oidc.json configuration file. This provides greater flexibility for configuring DTP to work with your OIDC provider. The usernameAttribute has been deprecated but is still supported.  

End of Support for Older Parasoft Tools

Several internal libraries in DTP have been updated as part of Parasoft's ongoing commitment to hardening software security. As a result, the following code analysis and test execution tools are no longer compatible with DTP:

  • dotTEST, Jtest, and C/C++test 10.4.2 and older
  • SOAtest 9.10.7 and older  

We recommend upgrading Parasoft DTP to the latest supported version when upgrading your Parasoft tools. Doing so enables you to take full advantage of Parasoft's full set of SDLC features and functionality.  

New DTP Widgets

The following widgets are now shipped with DTP:

  • Test - Donut: This widget shows the breakdown of passing, failing, and incomplete unit and functional tests in a donut chart. 
  • Portfolio - Test Statistics: This widget shows the test statistics for the filters in the specified portfolio. You can show test results for all environments or constrain results to test runs in a specific environment. 

Enterprise Pack Extensions

The following updates are included:

  • The Process Intelligence Pack now includes the Machine Learning flow, which adds new widgets for reviewing the violations processed by the DTP machine learning feature.
  • The Security Compliance pack now supports OWASP API Security Top 10.
  • The Security Compliance pack now supports CWE 4.4. for Java and .NET.
  • The Jira flow in the Traceability Pack has been updated to allow JQL queries in the traceability widgets.

API Changes

The following endpoints have been secured. You must either have admin privileges or read access to the project associated with the specified filterId to call them:

  • /builds
  • /coverage
  • /dynamicAnalysisTestCases
  • /metrics
  • /staticAnalysisViolations

Update your scripts or provide appropriate privileges to the user profile(s) that make the API calls, accordingly. 

Additional Updates

  • DTP Enterprise Pack now uses mongoDB 4.0 and node 12.20.1
  • DTP now ships with Tomcat 9.0.45
  • Updated License Server UI
  • Beta support has been added for serving licenses in Docker environments
  • The Top 5 Rules drill-down report can now be sorted and filtered and contains additional columns
  • Addressed log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in version 2021.1.2

FRs and PRs

The following FRs and PRs were resolved in this release.

DTP-15813 Garbled "generated on" message in Japanese dashboard pdf
DTP-16163Non localized character on license summary UI
LS-1389User removed from group does not lose license
LS-1414Use case sensitive setting when filtering licenses by username
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