This topic explains techniques for checking and debugging network-related configurations if you experience issues using DTP. Before you begin, verify that your environment meets the specifications described in System Requirements, including port configuration, database settings, and hardware requirements.

If you believe that something is wrong with the networking layer, you may need to run some reconnaissance tests and commands to find any problems. The following table shows some reconnaissance tests and commands you can run for both Windows and Linux:

Determine own IP address, netmask, and broadcast.ipconfig/allifconfig
Determine own gateway and routing table.route printroute -ven
Determine whether you can ping the computer trying to send data to Data Collector. Determine whether that computer can ping the -t [IP addr]ping [IP addr]
Determine what ports are LISTENING or ESTABLISHED to/from this computer. Check ports 32323, 80 (Windows)/8080 (Linux), 3306.netstat -anetstat -a
Determine whether a running process suggests that a component is running (such as, JavaService.exe, java.exe, or java).taskmgr.exeps auxwf
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