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In this release:

Release date: November 1, 2018

Compliance Pack Updates

The following updates to the Automotive and Security Compliance Packs were implemented in this release:

  • The AUTOSAR Compliance artifact has been added to the Automotive Compliance Pack. The AUTOSAR Compliance artifact is a set of assets that enable you to readily demonstrate compliance with AUTOSAR C++14 development guidelines. See AUTOSAR Compliance for details.
  • You can now print a MISRA Compliance reports as rich PDF documents, enabling you to easily create compliance documents for auditing purposes. Additional MISRA C:2012 rules were also added. See MISRA Compliance for additional information.  
  • The Security Compliance Pack now supports the following guidelines:
    • CERT C++ CWE Top 25 (for .NET) 
    • CWE List Version 3.1 (for .NET) 
    • OWASP Top 10 (for .NET) 
    Additional rules were also added for CERT C. See Security Compliance Pack for additional information.

License Server

The following updates to License Server were implemented in this release:

  • The License Server API endpoint has been exposed so that you can query tool license usage. See Viewing Tool License Usage for additional information.
  • License Server logs are now stored for 90 by default. Logs were previously stored for 30 days. The new default only applies to new installations–if you are upgrading to DTP 5.4.1, the current configuration is preserved. See Configuring License Server.
  • The default number of concurrent connections to License Server has been raised from 100 to 200. See Configuring License Server

Upgrade Path

The direct upgrade path from Concerto to DTP is no longer supported. You must upgrade to DTP 5.4.0 before upgrading to the latest version of DTP:

  1. Follow the upgrade steps described in Migrating from Concerto (4.x) to DTP (5.x)
  2. Follow the upgrade steps described in Upgrading from a Previous Version of DTP (5.x to 5.y)

Additional Updates

  • The Change-based Testing DTP Enterprise Pack extension has been renamed to Test Impact Analysis.
  • The Violations Explorer now includes flow analysis annotations from code analysis and test execution tools (10.4.1 or later). See Violations Explorer for details.
  • Added support for MySQL 8.0.x
  • Improved coverage calculation performance. 
  • Added ability to disable SSL protocols and cipher suites in Data Collector.
  • Improved performance for the Modified Code Coverage extension.
  • Ability to download a dashboard as a PDF.
  • General UI improvements.

PRs and FRs

The following PRs and FRs were addressed in this release:



Uploading a custom rule on Microsoft Edge fails

DTP-5376Issues with DTP login/out page for setting up as license server.
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