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Release date: January 5, 2017

This is a minor update to DTP. See the release notes for DTP 5.3.0 and DTP Engines 10.3.0 (Jtest, C++Test, dotTest) for additional information.

Understanding Change in Continuous Delivery Environments

Reviewing Build to Build Changes

Code changes from build to build represent risk. In order to assess the risk associated with incremental change, you must be able to review the changes made to the underlying files. The Change Explorer enables you to view these changes, initiate "reviews" and annotate code changes as "findings" when issues are identified. All of these actions can be performed manually in the DTP web interface or they can be automated using custom DTP Workflows that leverage DTP's REST API. The following widgets and reports that support reviews are also new in this release:

Other Updates and Enhancements


  • The REST API has been updated to include the /buildReviews endpoint. See the API change log for more information.
  • New events for creating and modifying Build Reviews and Review Findings have been added. See Subscribing To DTP Events for additional information.
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