Parasoft test execution and code analysis tools ship with a component called Parasoft Test, which is a common infrastructure that facilitates configuration, usage, and interoperation of Parasoft’s family of development testing technologies. Parasoft Test is used in SOAtest, C++test, Jtest, and dotTEST. When you connect your Parasoft tools to DTP, you are actually connecting the Parasoft Test component to DTP. Doing so enables you to send and import data to and from DTP using Parasoft tools.

You can configure the settings for individual projects or globally for all projects. See Configuring Parasoft Test Settings for Projects for information on configuring DTP to connect to Parasoft Test for individual projects. 

Project Settings Override Global Settings

Project-specific settings overwrite Parasoft Test Global settings if they have the same name. This is useful if, for example, a project requires different credentials to access source code.

The following instructions describe connecting to Parasoft Test globally. 

  1. Choose Report Center Settings from the settings menu.
  2. Choose Global Tool Settings from the sidebar menu and enter the configuration settings from Parasoft Test (see documentation for your Parasoft Test-based tools) in the space provided.
  3. Click Save.
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