If you defined a rule map to apply custom rule properties, the map must be associated with a test configuration to use the customizations. You can either associate rule maps from the test configuration page or in the rule map editor page.

Test Configuration Page

You can associate configurations with rule maps individually. This approach involves updating each test configuration page one by one.  

  1. Choose Test Configurations from the settings icon menu and click on a test configuration.

  2. Click on the Static Analysis tab and choose a rule map from the Associated rule map drop-down menu. Test configurations are not associated with a rule map by default.

  3. Click Save

Rule Map Editor

If you are a rule map owner, you can edit the rule map and associate it with one or more test configurations–enabling you to associate test configurations with a rule map in bulk. See Managing Rule Maps for additional information about the permissions required to work with rule maps and test configurations.

  1. Choose Test Configurations from the settings icon menu and click on a Parasoft code analysis and test execution tool name (i.e., C/C++test, dotTEST, Jtest).
  2. Choose a rule map from the Rule Map drop-down menu and click the Rule Map Information tab. 
  3. Click on the double angle (<<) button next a test configuration in the Available Test Configurations panel to move it into the Associated Test Configurations panel.
    You can disconnect a test configuration from a rule map by clicking the double angle (>>) button next to a test configuration in the Associated Test Configurations panel to move it to the Available Test Configurations panel.
  4. Click Save.
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