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Depending on your license, you may only be able to create a limited number of dashboards. Contact your Parasoft representative for information on upgrading your DTP license (also see Upgrading DTP from Standard to Enterprise Edition).

  1. Click the add dashboard button from the toolbar menu.
  2. Enter a name (required) and choose the default settings for your dashboard. See Configuring Dashboard Settings for additional information.
  3. You can also choose the type of dashboard:
    • Create an empty dashboard
    • Create a dashboard from template. Choose this option to create a dashboard pre-populated with widgets based on a template shipped with DTP or your own custom template. See Built-in Dashboard Templates and Custom Dashboard Templates for additional information.
    • Copy an existing dashboard. Choose this option to create a new dashboard using the same widgets as an existing dashboard. The new dashboard is independent from the source dashboard.
    • Follow a shared dashboard. If other users have shared their dashboards, then you can choose this option to create a dashboard view based on a shared dashboard. Shared dashboards are single instances of a dashboard distributed to other users’ accounts. They cannot be modified. See Sharing Dashboards for more information.
  4. Click Create to create the dashboard or the close button to exit without creating the dashboard.

Renaming Dashboards

  1. Click in the dashboard title field to activate editing.

  2. Make changes and click away from the field to save changes.

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