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Release date: April 15, 2021

This release includes the following enhancements:

Support for .NET 5

We've added support for .NET 5. See Supported Frameworks.

Support for C# 9

dotTEST can now analyze code written in C# 9.

Support for Roslyn Analyzer Rules

You can now run the rules provided by Roslyn's .NET analyzers with dotTEST and include the results in the dotTEST report. We've added a new Roslyn .NET Analyzers Default Rules test configuration to help you conveniently execute a default set rules from the ROSLYN category. Alternatively, you can include selected Roslyn rules in your custom test configuration.

Enhanced GitHub Integration

This release includes the following enhancements that help streamline your GitHub workflow:

  • Support for generating reports in GitHub's SARIF format, which enables GitHub to convert data into code scanning alerts.
  • New dotTEST action for running analysis in dotTEST and reviewing results in GitHub as part of your project. 

Refer to the dotTEST action documentation on GitHub for additional information:

Extended Security Compliance Pack

We've extended the Security Pack by adding support for the following standards:

  • CWE 4.4
  • OWASP API Security Top 10-2019

The new test configurations will help you detect weaknesses identified by the above standards. See New and Updated Test Configurations.

Streamlined Integration with Visual Studio

This release provides streamlined integration with Visual Studio.  You can integrate with Visual Studio by selecting your IDE version when prompted while installing Parasoft dotTEST or by running the Parasoft Plugin installer that will take you through the entire plugin installation process. See Plugin for Visual Studio

Enhanced dotTEST Extension for Visual Studio Code

We've extended the capabilities of dotTEST extension for Visual Studio Code. You can now import analysis results from external URLs or from your GitHub repository.

See Visual Studio Code Marketplace for details about the dotTEST extension for Visual Studio Code.

New and Updated Test Configurations

We've added the following test configurations:

  • CWE 4.4
  • OWASP API Security Top 10-2019
  • Roslyn .NET Analyzers Default Rules

We've updated the following test configurations:

  • CWE Top 25 2020
  • CWE Top 25 + On the Cusp 2020

Removed Test Configurations

We've removed the outdated test configurations for CWE compliance:

  • CWE 4.2

Updated Static Analysis Rules

We've updated the following rules:


Other Changes

  • Running Microsoft Code Analysis with dotTEST is deprecated and will be removed in one of the future releases. You can leverage Visual Studio's testing capabilities with dotTEST by running Roslyn analyzer rules.
  • We've extended support for pattern expressions in switch statements in Flow Analysis rules.
  • We've improved dotTEST's performance when running Flow Analysis and collecting code coverage.
  • If your development testing workflow includes integration with Parasoft DTP, update your DTP to version 2021.1 to take full advantage of Parasoft's full set of SDLC features and functionality.
  • You can now help us improve dotTEST by sending anonymous usage data to Parasoft. By default, reporting usage data is disabled – you can opt in anytime using your IDE or the dotTEST configuration setting.

Removed and Deprecated Support for Environments

Removed Support for Platforms

Support for the following deprecated platform is now removed:

  • Windows 7

Deprecated Support for IDEs

Support for the following IDEs is now deprecated and will be removed in future releases:

  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013

Resolved Bugs and FRs

Bug/FR IDDescription
DT-12106Update dotTEST to support configurable aspnet_compiler.exe options
DT-15558Parameterize rule CS.EU.VZS so it can report fewer violations
DT-16275EXCEPT.NCSAE should support Catch .. As .. When in VB.NET and C#
DT-16388Importing local setting into IDE does not work
DT-16597Possible CS.PB.IDNE false positive on loop counter
DT-16656 Improve handling of FA Runner timeouts in dotTEST
FA-8343Graphs for nullable types are not build on .NET Core 5.0
XT-38874Problem with analyzing files modified on working branch in Git sub-modules 
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