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You can integrate the execution of non-Parasoft code analyzers by enabling the Custom Engine option and configuring the parameters.

  1. In your IDE, click Parasoft in the menu bar and chooseOptions.

  2.  Select Engines.
  3. Enable the Custom Engine option.

Location: This should point to the engine executable.

Arguments: Enter a set of parameters in this field to configure engine runs. You can use the following variables:

  • ${scope} - This variable points to the directory or directories selected in the IDE. The selection is formatted as a comma-separated list, e.g., "C:/src/dir1","C:/src/dir2".
  • ${config} - This variable points to the active test configuration (see Setting the Active Test Configuration), e.g., "user://My Config".
  • ${settings} - This variable points to a .properties configuration file that is prepared automatically before the custom engine run, e.g., "C:/home/". The settings are defined in the IDE and are required for the custom engine to run.

Working directory: Specify a working directory for custom engine runs.

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