You can specify a directory that will be used for storing:

  • custom rules created with Parasoft RuleWizard

The rule mapping available in this directory will affect all built-in and user test configurations that are locally available.

To specify the custom directory for custom rules and the rule map:

  1. Click  Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options.

  2. Select Configurations.
  3. Enable the User rule map option and provide the path to the directory. The default path is [INSTALL_DIR]\rules\user.

Backward Compatibility

From version 10.4, the local user rule mapping is only applied to local test configurations (see Viewing Rule Mapping). If DTP-shared rule mapping is configured, it only affects test configurations stored in DTP.

In versions earlier than 10.4:

  • any configured rule mapping (local or DTP-shared) applied to both local and DTP configurations,
  • if rule customizations were simultaneously available locally and on DTP, the rule mapping information was merged,
  • if a particular rule was customized both locally and on DTP, the local mapping had priority over the DTP customization.

To ensure backward compatibility for versions earlier than 10.4,  add the rules.mappings=all setting to the list of advanced settings in your IDE, or to the .properties configuration file; see Customizing Advanced Settings.

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