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dotTEST allows you to run unit tests created in unit testing tools and report results to DTP. The following unit testing frameworks are currently supported:

  • NUnit 2, NUnit 3
  • MSTest, MSTest V2
  • xUnit

You can execute your unit tests with or without collecting coverage information by running one of the dedicated built-in configurations (see Running Unit Tests).

dotTEST ships with framework-specific configurations for running NUnit and MSTest tests, but we highly recommend running your tests with a VSTest configuration (see Running Unit Tests with VSTest). VSTest is an execution engine that can execute NUnit, MSTest, and xUnit tests in a single run.

xUnit tests are executed only with VSTest  – if you analyze .NET Core projects, you can run your tests only with a VSTest configuration.

Visit the Parasoft Marketplace ( for additional unit test tool integrations.

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