We made the following updates in this release.

Support for Visual Studio 2017

dotTEST can now be integrated with Visual Studio 2017. Support for C# 7.0 and VB.NET 15.0 are also included.

Collecting Coverage from Standalone Applications with Coverage Agent Manager

The coverage collection functionality has been extended to collect coverage information form standalone applications with Coverage Agent Manager–a web interface that allows you to collect coverage and test data during test execution; see Application Coverage for Standalone Applications for details.

Enhanced Workflow for Test Configurations

We've made it easier for you to interact with test configurations when working with dotTEST on your desktop. Now you can easily duplicate and customize an existing test configuration on DTP, as well as run a test configuration right form your IDE Preference page; see Creating Custom Test Configurations and Setting the Active Test Configuration for details.

Other Enhancements

  • Support for .NET Framework 4.7, which is bundled with dotTEST and can be automatically installed during dotTEST installation
  • Analyzing website projects with metrics

Updated Code Analysis Rules

The following code analysis rules have been updated:

Rule IDDescription
SERIAL.XML.SOAFAP-1 Make sure that type of serialized field/property is compatible with type used in XmlElementAttribute 
SEC.LGE-2 Ensure all exceptions are either logged with a standard logger or rethrown 
PB.STATICFLD-3Do not write to static fields from non-static methods
EXCEPT.NCSAE-3 Avoid the use of "catch" on 'Exception', 'SystemException' or 'ApplicationException'
CS.BRM.ES-3 Use string.Empty for empty strings 
VB.BRM.ES-3 Use string.Empty for empty strings (added rule for Visual Basic)

Resolved Bugs and FRs

Bug/FR IDDescription
DT-9406 On 32-bit Windows 7 dotTEST FA cannot analyze a project with target platform set to x64 
DT-9403 Rule map not being honored by DTPEnginefor.NET
DT-8947 Not reporting of tests or coverage when running MSTests with coverage 
DT-8781 monitorCoverage.bat script template deletes application log directory (accumulation not possible) 
DT-9700'dotTEST is not licensed' message is shown at the end of analysis
DT-9486Build hanging when trying to rebuild solution with DTPEnginefor.NET
DT-10452EXCEPT.NCSAE false positive - any async method declaration triggers the rule
DT-9286Analyzing Websiteprojectvswholesolution
DT-9276'Failed to connect to dotTEST service on port XXXXX' message being displayed

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