About the Asset Utilization Report

The Asset Utilization report provides visibility into the scope of your service virtualization efforts over a specified time frame. It helps you explore metrics such as:

  • The number of virtual assets and proxies on a server
  • The systems and environments associated with virtual assets
  • Virtual asset response times
  • Virtual asset hits

To access the asset utilization report, open the Service Virtualization module's Reports tab, then select Utilization Report.

Use the available to controls to specify the time frame for which you want to review asset utilization. Note that the "count" summaries shown on the report (e.g., asset count, proxy count, hit count summaries) are based on the count at the end of the specified time frame.

Throughout the report, hit count visualizations use shades of blue; response time is represented in shades of green (minimum response time), orange (average response time), and red (maximum response time).

The report contains three main sections: the heat map, the trends chart, and the details section.

Heat Map

The heat map is an interactive, highly-customizable report. You can focus on virtual assets, systems, environments, or Virtualize Servers—just select the desired focus from the drop-down in the top left.

From there, you can group the results (if desired) as well as determine what metric is used to size and color the results.

To see detailed metrics for a specific block, hover over the block and review the tooltip that opens. To open a dedicated heat map for that block, click the Drill Down link in the tooltip.

Trends Chart

The trends chart summarizes the average values for key metrics over the selected time period and illustrates how those metrics vary over time.

In the summary row at the top of the table, averages are calculated over the selected time period and "counts" represent the totals at the end of that time period.

Note that the focus of the trends chart is the same as the focus of the heat map. Both are controlled by the drop-down menu in the top left of the page.

Use the boxes above the chart to hide/display specific metrics in the chart.

Mouse over a point in the graph to open a tooltip with details.

Details Table

The details table provides details on the individual items (virtual assets, systems, environments, or Virtualize Servers) within the category you’ve set as the report focus. For instance, if you are focusing on systems, the details table will report virtual asset usage metrics for each system available on this installation of CTP.

Each table row indicates the values for key metrics; averages are calculated over the selected time period and "counts" represent the totals at the end of that time period. To see a chart of how these values varied over time, expand the row, and review the chart that displays.

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