Do I Need Parasoft User Administration?

Installing Parasoft User Administration is only needed if:

  • User-based access controls are required in this CTP installation and associated Virtualize servers, and
  • Parasoft Concerto or Parasoft Development Testing Platform will not be deployed within the organization

Installing Parasoft User Administration

To install Parasoft User Administration:

  1. Copy pstsec.war (from the extracted zip file) to the <tomcat installation>/webapps folder.
  2. Open CTP in a browser.
  3. From the Administration menu in the top right of the page, choose Security Configuration—or simply navigate to http://localhost:8080/em/pstsecconfig (assuming that CTP is running on localhost at port 8080).
  4. Enter Host: localhost and Port: <tomcat port>.
  5. If you want guests who have not logged in to CTP to have read-only access, check the Anonymous access box.
  6. Click the Save button at the top of the page.
  7. Click the Browse User Administration on localhost link.

  8. Add new users/groups and grant permissions for access roles as described in Defining Users and Permissions. In summary, when configuring permissions, use the following options:






administration, provision, or system

  • administration: Provides access to all resources and the ability to grant permissions.
  • provision: Provides read-only access to all resources and the ability to provision select environments and deploy assets to Virtualize servers.
  • system: Provides permission to create, modify, provision, and delete select resources; also provides read-only access to all other resources.
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