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CTP can automatically flag deployed virtual assets that are "out-of-sync" with the real component they represent. A virtual asset is considered to be "out-of-sync" with the actual component it represents if the service, file, or third-party application whose behavior it "virtualizes" is no longer available at its expected location.

If you want to get a complete list of out-of-sync virtual assets (from all environments), open the Service Virtualization module, then choose Recent Changes.

From here, you can...

To achieve this...Do this...
Explore the out-of-sync assetClick the asset’s name to explore it in CTP. You can also review it in the Virtualize UI or SOAtest UI.
Indicate that you’ve already reviewed this change

Dismiss this change by clicking the Dismiss button to the left of the asset’s name.

With SOAtest tests, the change notification will be dismissed automatically the next time that the test is executed.

Review a list of the changes that have been dismissed

Choose Show Dismissed from the page-level action menu.

If you want to add any of the highlighted dismissed changes back to the list, click the Add icon.

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