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Looking for details on how to add licenses to CTP?

For details on how to add licenses to CTP, see the installation section

Do I need the Parasoft License Server Web Application?

The Parasoft License Server web application is only needed if:

  • You want to use License Server to manage floating licenses for Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize, and
  • Parasoft Concerto or Parasoft Development Testing Platform will not be deployed within the organization


License Server Installation and Configuration

Want more details?

The following is a brief overview of installing Parasoft License Server. For additional details, see the documentation that ships along with the licenseserver.war file.

To install and configure Parasoft License Server:

  1. Copy licenseserver.war (from the extracted zip file) to the <tomcat installation>/webapps folder.
  2. In a browser, go to http://localhost:8080/licenseserver (or corresponding URL).
  3. Log in using the admin username and password for Parasoft User Administration.
  4. For each Parasoft product whose license you want to manage with License Server:
    1. Based on information provided by your Parasoft representative, type the Expiration date of your license, and then copy and paste the license code in the Password field—or, copy and paste the entire license password line as it was sent to you in the open text field.
    2. Click Set license.

Connecting to Parasoft User Administration

If the Parasoft User Administration (PSTSec) web app is deployed on a different Tomcat server than the current CTP installation—or if this Tomcat server is not running on port 8080—then the Parasoft License Server web app must be configured to connect to User Administration.

To do this:

  1. Modify Tomcat/webapps/licenseserver/conf/PSTSecConfig.xml and set the host and port for the user administration service. For example:

  2. Restart Tomcat.



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