C++test can be customized with the CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS option that allows you to specify additional settings, such as source file encoding or the memory size. This may be particularly useful when performing static code analysis or uploading results to DTP.

The option can be configured in one of the following ways:

  • Go to Parasoft> Preferences> Technical Support, enable Advanced Options, enter the option and specify the settings, for example:
  • Create the CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS environment variable and set the values, for example:
    CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS="-property file.encoding.mode=user -property file.encoding.name=UTF-8 -property cpptest.analyzer.source.timeout=4400 -J-Xmx4096m"

In the examples above, the memory size is set to 4096m, the source file encoding to UTF-8, and the timeout value to 4400 seconds.

For more details, contact Parasoft Support.

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