This topic explains how to build a custom integration to any source control system you want to integrate with C/C++test. In this section:


C/C++test ships with support for most common version control / source control systems, such as SVN or Git; see Connecting to Source Control for details. In addition, it provides an open Source Control API, which allows other source control tools to integrate with C/C++test.

Main Interfaces

The interface that connects and creates all required implementation is com.parasoft.xtest.sourcecontrol.openapi.IVersionControlFactory.

This factory provides specific implementation for the following interfaces:

  • com.parasoft.xtest.sourcecontrol.openapi.IRepositoryDetector
  • com.parasoft.xtest.sourcecontrol.openapi.IVersionControl
  • com.parasoft.xtest.sourcecontrol.openapi.IVersionControlHelper

Implementation and Compilation

The source control API and all related classes are located in the jar file in [INSTALL_DIR]\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.libs/Parasoft/sourcecontrol.jar.When implementing custom version control support, begin with the IVersionControlFactory implementation and incrementally add the required classes.


After implementation is completed, create a single dll file containing all of the required classes and copy the file to the following location: [PARASOFT_TEST_INSTALL_DIR]\com.parasoft.xtest.libs.vstudio/ext.You may need to manually create the ext folder if it does not exist. Then restart C/C++test.

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