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The aim of this guide is to help you migrate from C/C++test Professional 2020.2 or earlier.


Starting with version 2021.1, C/C++test Professional is installed with a new generation of installers, which simplify the installation process. The previous generation of installers is here referred to as legacy installers.

Major changes:

  • Installing C/C++test no longer involves following the installation wizard (Windows) or running installation scripts (Linux). The new installers allow you to install C/C++test by simply extracting the contents of a zip or tar.gz installation package to a desired location.
  • The C/C++test plugin for Eclipse is installed using the standard Eclipse mechanism. The plugin is shipped in <INSTALL_DIR>/integration/eclipse.
  • The layout of the C/C++test installation has changed. This affected the locations of C/C++test's components, utilities, and files.
  • The Parasoft Test directory is no longer created during installation. All related dependencies have been merged into the main installation directory.

Migration Procedure

  1. Uninstall your C/C++test version using the installer you used for installation.
  2. Install the new C/C++test version, as described in Installing and Launching C/C++test.
  3. Update the locations of C/C++test files and utilities if you use them in commands or scripts to automate your software testing, for example, in CI workflows. The following table shows the current locations of C/C++test key utilities, files, and components.

    cpptesttrace<INSTALL_DIR>/cpptesttrace <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/cpptesttrace
    cpptestscan<INSTALL_DIR>/cpptestscan   <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/cpptestscan   
    cpptestcc<INSTALL_DIR>/cpptestcc <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/cpptestcc 
    Compiler configurations<INSTALL_DIR>/engine/etc/compilers<INSTALL_DIR>/bin/engine/etc/compilers
    Runtime library for C/C++test<INSTALL_DIR>/engine/runtime<INSTALL_DIR>/bin/engine/runtime
    Runtime library for cpptestcc<INSTALL_DIR>/engine/coverage/runtime<INSTALL_DIR>/bin/engine/coverage/runtime


What if I installed the C/C++test plugin for Eclipse in an IDE where the legacy C/C++test plugin was already installed?

The C/C++test plugin installed with a new installer and the C/C++test plugin installed with a legacy installer will conflict if they are installed in the same IDE. You need to ensure that the legacy version of the C/C++test plugin is uninstalled before you install the new version.

If you accidentally installed the new plugin and the legacy plugin in the same IDE, you will be prompted to uninstall the legacy plugin and then perform clean reinstallation of the new C/C++test plugin:

Here are the steps to remedy the problem:

  1. Close the C/C++test perspective and all C/C++test views.
  2. Uninstall the legacy C/C++test plugin with its original installer:
    - On Windows, run the legacy installer executable originally used for installing the C/C++test plugin and enable the options to remove all installed components and all C/C++test files when prompted.
    - On Linux, remove the following files and directories: the two com.parasoft.* files from <ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR>/links, the C/C++test installation directory, and Parasoft Test installation directory (typically, cpptest-extension/<version> and test-extension/<version>).
  3. Go to Help> About Eclipse IDE> Installation Details> Installation History and revert your IDE configuration to a point in time when:
    - there wasn't any C/C++test plugin installed in the IDE (recommended).
    - there was only one C/C++test plugin installed; then uninstall the remaining plugin. See Uninstalling C/C++test and the C/C++test Plugin.
  4. Perform a clean C/C++test plugin installation. See Installing C/C++test as a Plugin.

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