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Both C++test standalone and the C++test Eclipse plugin allow C++test to be used with Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW)—no special integration is required.

Support for Renesas HEW projects does not involve full integration with the the development environment, but it allows you to:

  • utilize support for HEW’s set of compilers and allow C/C++test projects to use these compilers.
  • import complete HEW projects to the C/C++test workspace.

Support Overview

C++test supports High-performance Embedded Workshop 4.

Supported Compilers

See Compilers. for information about supported Renesas compilers.

Known Limitations

Renesas SuperH RISC Engine

Depending on the runtime testing features included in the test executable, the prepared test binary may be significantly larger than the original application. On some limited environments, there may be an issue with the amount of available program memory. A similar limitation applies to the additional consumption of heap and stack memory during program execution. To solve this problem, you may need to modify the program layout in the memory and change the size of the available stack/heap.

The process of automatic stub configuration requires scanning the libraries used when linking the final program. Currently, C++test is unable to read C++ symbols from libraries. This could result in false reports regarding missing symbols.

Because of the known compiler limitation with command line processing, C++test will not support paths with '(' and ')' for workspace location and/or C++test installation directory.

Renesas M16C, R8C Family C Compiler

Various constructs of the C language are ignored by the Renesas M16C,R8C Family C Compiler. The compiler will post a warning message about its lack of support for the constructs, but the compilation will succeed.


[Warning(ccom):stmt_expr.c,line 2] this feature not supported now,ignored ===> int i = ({ int x = 777; x; });

Static analysis may be inaccurate when analyzed code contains constructs ignored by the compiler.


The standard rules apply for C++test. No extensions are needed (CDT is already included) if the standalone C++test is installed. For the Eclipse plugin version, you must install the CDT (C++ Development Tools) extension into Eclipse. See Installation and Licensing for details. 

The compilers must be visible in the environment to allow testing with Renesas HEW compilers. Use the following *.bat files in the Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop’s installation directory to facilitate setting the environment variables.

Renesas Distribution*.bat File Directory

Renesas SuperH RISC engine (v9.03)


Renesas SuperH RISC engine (v9.04)


Renesas M16C, R8C Family C Compiler V5.4x

Tools\Renesas\nc30wa\<version number>\setnc30.bat

  1. Open the Windows command line window and run the bat file.
  2. Run C++test from the same command line window.
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