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Both C/C++test standalone and the C/C++test Eclipse plugin allow C++test to be used with the Altium TASKING VX-toolsets for TriCore architecture —no special integration is required.

C/C++test does not directly integrate with TASKING IDEs. Rather, it provides dedicated test configurations that can be used to run testing using integration interfaces provided by VX-toolset for TriCore.

Support Overview

For information about supported TASKING compilers for TriCore architecture, see Compilers.

For information about built-in test configurations shipped with C/C++test for running Unit Testing and Application Memory Monitoring, see Built-in Test Configurations.


The default compiler configurations and test configurations provided for testing with TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore assume that the compiler executables (cctc.exe) and debugger interfaces (dbgtc.exe for VX-toolset versions newer than v2.5 and xfwtc.exe for VX-toolset v2.5) are available on the PATH environment variable. If you wish to use this executables via the full paths, you will need to modify the default "Compiler Settings" in the project "Build Settings" and the Test Configuration's "Test execution flow".

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