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C++test does not auto-generate test cases for functions from unnamed namespaces or functions that use types from unnamed namespaces. In order to test these types of functions:

  1. Create a new test suite with the Included option enabled in the Test suite mode section.

    If you are reusing an existing test suite, be sure that its CPPTEST_TEST_SUITE_INCLUDED_TO configuration macro points to the correct source file with the definition of the tested function. Also see Adding New Test Suites.
  2. Click Next to add test case names or click Finish.
    You can add test cases by manually adding test case code or by using the Test Case Editor.
    Functions from unnamed namespaces will not be available in the Test Case Editor’s function drop-down menu. You will need to add the test case steps manually.
    You cannot create test cases for functions from unnamed namespaces using the Test Case Wizard.
  3. Also see Adding User-Defined Test Cases.
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