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In Eclipse, you can define special Path Variables that  may be used as path prefixes of linked resources. If any resource uses a Path Variable, then it's relative to this variable and the resource's path is relative to the variable's value. Every variable has a unique name and a value making a path prefix.

The Tornado project import wizard lets you create and initialize a Path Variable to which linked folders may be relative. To take advantage of this feature, you have to enable linked folders and Path Variable usage. You must also type a unique name for your variable; the default one is DEVEL_ROOT_DIR.

Immediately after the set of projects to import has been established, the wizard computes the absolute common root directory for all linked folders in all considered projects. The resulting value is used as the initial value of the Path Variable. You can modify this value if needed. If the absolute common root directory cannot be computed (e.g. any two linked folder's paths point to separate drives), then the variable is initialized with an empty value and you need to enter it manually (or not use a Path Variable). After the import is completed, the Path Variable is created. Whether any linked folder will actually use the created Path Variable depends on whether its absolute path starts with the chosen value of the Path Variable.


Tip - How to Determine if a Linked Resource Uses a Path Variable

To determine if a specific linked resource uses a Path Variable, open its properties and look at the Info page. If the Resolved location property is defined, then this resource uses the Path Variable specified in the Location property. If not, no Path Variable is used.


To manage Path Variables in Eclipse, choose Window> Preferences,  select General> Workspace> Linked Resources, then use the available controls to modify the settings.



For more information on Path Variables, refer to the Eclipse documentation.

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